Intelligent Graphene
Heating System

Intelligent | Innovative | World Changing

Intelligence built in as standard

Ultra Efficient

The high surface area of the single atom thick material graphene allows the Xefro systems to generate heat and transmit it to the surroundings far more efficiently than traditional systems.


The Xefro Intelligent Graphene Heating System constantly monitors room temperatures, the outside weather and the amount of energy used. The intelligent controller learns how you use your heating and hot water, constantly optimising energy usage to ensure maximum comfort at minimum cost.

Future Proof

The Xefro Intelligent Graphene Heating System is based on open source systems with upgradable software. This allows it to communicate with a wide variety of home automation interfaces from third parties such as Google and Apple.




Impressive performer

Xefro have developed the world’s first mass commercial application of the ‘wonder material’ graphene, the Xefro Intelligent Graphene Heating System.

Xefro’s patent pending use of resistive graphene inks allowed its engineers to completely rethink the concept of home heating in the 21st Century.

The system is ultra efficient, it out performs the very latest in ‘efficient’ gas central heating systems which results in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

The intelligent system provides both heating and hot water, and is compatible with all smart home automation systems..

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